2019-2020 Statewide Youth Development Plan Released

February 28, 2019

The Colorado Department of Human Services has released a new Statewide Youth Development Plan for 2019-2020. The Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan presents a vision for a strong youth development network and strategies for improving an array of youth-focused policies, practices and programs. At the core of the vision and strategies is the incorporation of positive youth development principles into the services and programs for youth ages 9 to 25 in Colorado.

“The revised plan envisions a unified youth system where youth-serving and grant-making organizations coordinate to leverage existing data and resources to identify and strategically respond to the needs of Colorado youth,” Pearl Bell, the statewide youth development plan coordinator for the Division of Child Welfare, said. “This year’s plan provides best practices, recommendations for stakeholders and concrete action steps prioritized by CDHS that will be championed for 2019-2020.”

As directed by HB 13-1239, the plan must be updated biennially. The 2019 Statewide Youth Development Plan remains true to the spirit of the initial plan, incorporating current work, completed strategies and revisions based on new priorities developed with input from a diverse group of stakeholders.

The Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan is a guide for:

  • Using positive youth development as an approach for partnering with youth ages 9 to 25 to help them achieve their full potential
  • Understanding the gaps in programs and services for youth and the recommended strategies for addressing these gaps
  • Engaging a broad array of stakeholders, including youth, to improve supports for youth so that they are education-ready, career-ready, and ready for life

Download the Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan.

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