Feedback Opportunity: help inform Colorado's five-year strategic plan of vision and goals for our child welfare system

It's that time of year again. The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) is preparing to submit the 2019 Child and Family Services Annual Progress and Services Report (APSR), a federally required report that provides an annual update on Colorado’s progress toward accomplishing the goals and objectives in the 2015-19 Child and Family Services Plan (CFSP). 

Why do we need your feedback?

Accomplishing the goals and objectives outlined in the CFSP is a collaborative effort. Colorado is a state supervised, county administered human services system; therefore, CDHS partners with county departments of human services to ensure Colorado’s child and family services are efficient, effective, and elegant. CDHS and county staff frequently work together through collaborative workgroups to develop or revise rules in the Code of Colorado Regulations, oversee implementation of initiatives and improve programs and the system as a whole through continuous quality improvement (CQI) efforts.

In addition to county departments, other State of Colorado agencies, service providers, and community stakeholders collaborate with CDHS to coordinate services and programs that serve Colorado’s children, youth, and families. Representatives from these groups often serve on many of the collaborative workgroups referenced in the report.

The updates provided in this report should reflect the efforts and feedback of stakeholders who routinely collaborate with CDHS to implement the CFSP’s goals and objectives.

Review the draft 2019 Child and Family Services Annual Progress and Services Report 

Download draft reportCDHS is circulating a DRAFT of the 2019 Child and Family Services APSR for stakeholders to review prior to Colorado's submission in June.

Click HERE to download and review the DRAFT of the 2019 Child and Family Services APSR. 

The report should highlight successes and progress across the state with accuracy and enthusiasm and to do that we need your expertise. This draft is a work in progress, with elements needing update and completion, so you will notice highlighting and blanks to be filled. Please offer your thoughts on any component of the report.

How do I give feedback?

You may make comments directly on the pdf or write an email referencing page numbers of the pdf and submit them to by April 3, 2018.

A conference call will also be held next Thursday, March 29, 2018, 1:30-3:30pm MT to record additional feedback. 

APSR Feedback Conference Call
Thursday, March 29, 2018
1:30-3:30 pm MT
participant number: 465748# 

Thank you in advance for your review and feedback.


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