Use the Early Learning & Development Guidelines to Support Social-Emotional Development

Young children are best able to learn and thrive when they have secure and trusting relationships with their parents and other adult caregivers. These stable, healthy relationships and positive experiences provide children with a strong foundation for future academic achievement and lifelong health and well-being.

As parents and caregivers, our role in supporting children’s healthy development starts by simply getting involved – using the tools we already have to build strong, supportive relationships with our children and helping them feel safe and secure to learn and explore the world around them.

Parents and caregivers support healthy social-emotional development in children when they model how to express and communicate emotions effectively, self-regulate, and make friends. A child's social and emotional competence is crucial to sound relationships with family, adults, and peers.

The Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines video series models how parents and caregivers can support social-emotional development. Check out this video on how to get involved to help children ages 9-18 months explore their feelings and emotions.

Visit for more videos for children ages 0 to 8 years old as well as resources to support the early identification of, and assistance for, developmental delays to help families sustain positive and appropriate development.



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