Training Opportunities - Do you have a teenager on your case load that is tough to connect with? 

February 8, 2019

The Child Welfare Training System has a number of online and in-person opportunities to increase your understanding of the adolescents.

Course Name: Adolescents 411

Course Type: Hybrid Web-Based Training (WBT) Training Hours: 20 Training hours

Training Dates:  February 14-15, 2019     April 25-26, 2019     June 10-11, 2019

This two-day hybrid model training will help you understand adolescents—and the reasons for the challenges they present in case work.

In this training, you will learn about barriers to health development, including the impact of substance use, trauma, and family dynamics; understand common behavioral health disorders and how they manifest with adolescents; identify appropriate assessment techniques and strategies; and, develop case plans that are responsive to an adolescent’s needs.

Course Name: Adolescent Permanency


Course Type: Classroom                       Training Hours: 6.5 training hours

Training Dates:  March 28, 2019     May 2, 2019

Permanency for every youth should include a permanent legal connection to a family, such as reuniting with birth parents, adoption, kinship care, or legal guardianship. However, when these options are less likely, caseworkers, foster parents, and GALs can help youth pursue physical or relational permanency.

In this course, you will develop a fuller understanding of permanency for youth in out-of-home care, and you’ll build a team approach to helping youth achieve lifelong connections.


Course Name: Motivating Positive Outcomes with Adolescents

Course Type: Classroom                       Training Hours: 6.5 training hours

Training Dates: March 11, 2019     April 8, 2019     April 26, 2019     May 6, 2019

The goal of this training is to help you promote positive outcomes by increasing your understanding why an adolescent is “behaving” in a specific way and how you can effectively work with adolescents, their families, and their community.

Course Name: Power Outages


Course Type: Classroom                        Training Hours: 6.5 training hours

Training Dates: February 28, 2019     May 23, 2019

In this training you will consider the principles of partnering and explore various techniques that support engaging with families, with a focus on adolescents, in a manner that avoids power struggles and conflict.

Course Name: Education Stability


Course Type: Web-based Training (WBT)            Training Hours: 1 training hour

Training Dates: Ongoing

From Colorado CWTS Login Page: Search: Education OR Select (In-Service Learning Experiences for All Audiences, Select Learning Opportunities for All audiences tab,scroll through the available courses (Education Stability currently page 2/Educational Stability).

Child welfare intervention can often bring lots of change for children. Although we may anticipate big changes happening at home, moving to a new school can also critically impact educational outcomes for children and youth. In this

web-based training, you will explore the importance of school stability, laws that guide practice around educational placements, and implementation in Colorado.

How to register

The Child Welfare Training System (CWTS) offers the following adolescent related courses.

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