Trails Modernization Updated Schedule

February 21, 2018

Published February 21, 2018.

The incremental switch from Legacy to Modernized Trails will be occurring over the next year. The following is the current information related to the planned incremental changes. Please note: Dates are subject to change, so please check back frequently for more information.

February 25: Some fixes to system/admin and making it easier to change a user's account from one county to another.

March (date TBD): Public Provider Access. Per state statute, public providers (CPAs, RCCFs, etc.) have the ability to conduct very limited client searches in Trails. 

June (date TBD): 

  1. Resources, such as client search, provider search, Core contracts, IV-E fiscal and provider-related activities. This includes contacts, notes, the kin assessment and many other Resource-related items.
  2. Hotline and referral.
  3. Some items related to Assessment and Case - details TBD.
  4. IV-E fiscal 

For more information on "Trails", Colorado’s case management system that tracks child abuse and neglect cases, provider licenses, children and youth in the youth services system, foster and adoptive services, read the blog series on Trails or visit the Colorado Child Welfare Training System Trails Resource Center.

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