Proposed bill supporting foster parents to be heard in senate committee on Monday

April 19, 2018

Thanks to letters and testimony from foster parents, advocates and young people who experienced the foster care system, HB 18-1348 passed out of the House with 57 representatives voting in favor and six voting no.  Click HERE to find out how your elected official voted.

Now, the bill will be heard on Monday, at 1:30 pm in Senate Committee Room (SCR) 357Foster parents are encouraged to come share your experience once again! 

Please call members of the Senate State Affairs Committee and ask them to support HB 18-1348. If you only have time to make two calls, contact Senator Vicki Marble and Senator Owen Hill.

Senator Vicki Marble (303) 866-4876 
Senator Owen Hill 
(303) 866-2737 
Senator Jerry Sonnenberg 
(303) 866-6360 
Senator Stephen Fenberg 
(303) 866-4872
Senator Lois Court 
(303) 866-4861

Help pass HB 18-1348 unanimously in the Senate!

Your letters and testimony make a huge difference.  Contact your legislator and ask them to VOTE YES on HB 18-1348.

Learn more about proposed changes in HB 18-1348 that will #SupportCOfosterparents

Watch the entire VIDEO of foster, kinship and adoptive parents and community stakeholders share powerful testimony about what it takes to care for children and youth in foster care, and how access to child care assistance and more background information will help parents foster longer and improve the care and services children receive.


Get active on social media! tweet or message your Colorado legislators and ask them if they will #SupportCOfosterparents #COleg

Check your email and the Colorado Foster Care Facebook page for information about the date, time and location testimony will be heard again.

How to contact your representatives
Use this website to find your representative. When you contact your legislator remember the following:

  • Tell them you are a constituent; legislators pay attention to those who put them – and keep them – in office. If you are a current or former foster or kinship parent, please tell your legislator.
  • Communicate aspects important to you in your own words; legislators prefer not to receive standardized emails and/or calls.
  • Let them know that foster parents provide a critical service as caretakers for young people who have experienced abuse and neglect.
    • Child care assistance is critical for foster parents.
    • Children need to be placed with foster families who are properly informed about the child's background and who are provided the proper supports.  
  • Ask them to please vote YES on HB18-1348 to ensure our foster families and youth have the support they need.
  • Include something specific to your and/or your district is helpful (A personal story, something you saw/heard, why this matters and is especially important to you, etc.).

General Outline for an Email

Dear Representative ________,

My name is _______ and I am writing you today to strongly encourage you to vote YES on House Bill 18-1348. This bill provides greater support to children and families in the foster care system.

House Bill 18-1348 outlines the information that foster parents need to know about the children in their homes to ensure the right level of care is being provided for those kids. It also prioritizes foster families for child care assistance. Most Colorado foster parents work, so they rely on child care. Currently, the average reimbursement rate for foster parents of children under 10 years old is only $12.55 a day, which isn’t enough to cover the cost of child care.

We need to do better for our foster families. As one of your constituents, I ask you to please vote in support of House Bill 18-1348.


(sign your name)

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