Getting a realistic preview of what it's like to be a child welfare case worker is no easy task

It's not for everyone, it's for people who believe they can make a difference. That's the headline on the page. It rings true for so many because the job of a caseworker working with families involved in child welfare is one of the hardest in the nation.

Tools for recruiting the child welfare workforce

Several counties are continuously recruiting child welfare caseworkers and social workers to join this cause because turnover can be great. To aid in the recruitment effort the CDHS Division of Child Welfare in collaboration with a work group of county employees and staff at the CDHS Child Welfare Training System put together a package of tools to assist local human resources departments in filling vacant positions. Among the tools, a realistic job preview video that runs little over 20 minutes long. Some human resources departments are even going as far as to require applicants to watch the video in its entirety before moving forward in the process to try to make sure it's a good fit.   

Since posting the video on Facebook, it has been viewed more than 4,500 times and shared by 77 individuals. Check it out and share your advice for future caseworkers on Facebook

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