Foster Care Inquiry Form

May 13, 2019

The Division of Child Welfare is sharing an instructional video to introduce a prototype of an electronic inquiry form that will be released in late summer 2019. The electronic inquiry form will allow prospective foster parents to inquire about the foster care certification process and become connected with a county department of human/social services and/or a child placement agency (CPA) in a streamlined manner.

The electronic inquiry form will be a web-based platform for prospective foster parent(s) to complete using a computer or mobile phone. Implementation of the electronic inquiry form is expected to increase the recruitment of foster parents and to expedite responses from county departments of human/social services and CPAs regarding prospective foster parents’ inquiries. The following link will direct you to the inquiry form:

For privacy purposes, the only information required on the electronic inquiry form is a valid email address or telephone number (if the person does not have email). However, there is the capacity to collect a significant amount of demographic information if the person inquiring chooses to provide it. The instructional video of the prototype is above.


Following submission of the inquiry form, the participant is redirected to a feedback survey. Please complete it so that suggestions about the video instructions and the inquiry form can be incorporated in the final product. The feedback will be used to provide the most useful and user-friendly electronic inquiry form possible. The survey can also be accessed at the following link: =0&c=0&w=1.

Your opinions and feedback matter.

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