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Coloradans are changing the lives of children, youth and families every day. The CO4kids blogs shine a light on the work being done in communities across the state.

  • Community blog - promoting prevention, inspirational real-life stories, and expert opinions and news from the campaign. 

  • Professionals blog - supporting the people dedicating their careers and lives to ending child abuse in Colorado. 

  • Parent Partner blog -  amplifying the shared experiences of adoptive parents, foster families and nontraditional families raising children and young people who have experienced trauma, child abuse and neglect. 

Parent Partner Blog

"I have not found a way to protect myself from the grief yet. I am afraid to become a foster parent who can protect themselves from these difficult emotions, because the kids deserve foster parents who will honestly and sincerely care for them."

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Child Welfare Blog

It is estimated that 1 in 10 children are sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Without significant investments in prevention, this translates to approximately 6,000 of the babies born in Colorado this year experiencing sexual abuse before they turn 18, according to a recent study by Illuminate Colorado and the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Coalition. 

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Community Blog