Campaign Social Media Calendar

This online social media calendar provides sample Facebook posts and tweets with a focus on messages that support children, parents and families and promote resources and organizations throughout Colorado. Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Awareness Campaign partners, child-serving organizations, county human services and public health departments can use this coordinated calendar to continue to raise awareness throughout the year and work together to build thriving communities that support healthy kids and strong families.

Remember to check out infographics, memes and other great social media tools in the toolkit. 

Awareness Calendar   

January - National Mentoring Month
February - National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
March - National Social Work Month/Runaway Prevention Month
April - National Child Abuse Prevention Month/ Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month
April 3-7, 2017 - National Youth Violence Prevention Week
May - National Foster Care Awareness Month/Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month /National Mental Health Awareness Month
May 5 - National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day
June - National Reunification Month/ National Child Safety Awareness Month/ Pride
July - National Make a Difference to Children Month
September - National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
September 1 - National Grandparents Day/recognition of kinship families
October - National Domestic Violence Awareness Month/ Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month
November - National Adoption Awareness Month/National Homeless Youth Awareness Month/ Runaway Prevention Month

How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags "#tag" help organize your posts and let others tap into the same issues on social media. On Twitter, a general rule of thumb is to use one or two hashtags in one post. The Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Awareness Campaign will review posts including #CO4Kids daily and re-tweet and share many posts using this tag. Below find list of other great hashtags to use throughout the month of April and beyond!

  • When talking about kids & families - #CO4KIDS – Use this hashtag to support the prevention of child abuse and neglect, promotion of safe and stable families and raising awareness for the statewide hotline, 1-844-CO4-KIDS (1-844-264-5437). We encourage you to use this hashtag a lot!
  • When having advocacy conversations - #COKids
  • When talking about Colorado April Child Abuse Prevention Month - #CAPinCO
  • When talking about National April Child Abuse Prevention Month - #CAPMonth
  • When talking about National Foster Care Month in May - #fostercaremonth
  • When talking about building brighter childhoods - #greatchildhoods
  • When having early childhood conversations - #ECColorado
  • When promoting local or state wear blue days - #WearBlueCO

Campaign Partner Social Media Calendar

April Child Abuse Prevention Month - April 01 – April 30 

All content below will be posted on the #CO4KIDS social media channels. Feel free to visit our pages and share on your Facebook (FB), and tweet or re-tweet on your Twitter (TW) accounts. Campaign partners are encouraged to use this calendar to help amplify message and coordinate a movement for Colorado's kids throughout the month of April.

May 1 FB - Foster. Mentor. Volunteer. Here are three ways you can help a Colorado kid in foster care.

May 2 FB – "With teen boys everything is a teaching moment." Kelli became a foster mom to care for children in the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program. Listen as this foster mom talks about culturally adjustments and transracial fostering. (

May 3 FB – We all play a role in preventing child abuse and neglect. One of the best things you can do to help a young person is to become a foster parent. Learn more on (

May 4 FB – Foster parents are busy, but these college professors make it work. Meet Kristy and Brendan. (

May 5 FB – ""You are appreciated for reminding us all that humanity, in its’ truest form, is being fearless in the face of judgement and being the change for children in our community who deserve to feel loved, to feel protected, and to feel worthy of a life as beautiful as in the storybooks."

May 6 FB – Nedra and Matt stayed by their foster son’s side throughout his treatment for a rare form of childhood cancer. Meet this Arvada foster and adoptive family. (

May 9 FB- Fernando and Aracely Garcia began their foster care journey thinking they might adopt, but after learning about the large need for foster families, they decided to remain committed to helping Colorado’s children through foster care. Meet the Garcias.

May 10 FB – Colorado needs foster parents, especially for older youth, children with special needs and siblings. Start the foster care journey on our website (

May 11 FB - In Colorado, there are 2,058 children and youth in foster care today. With only 1,915 certified foster homes, we are facing a shortage of foster families. Start the certification process by attending an info meeting. Learn more at (

May 12 FB - Foster parent appreciation blog post published on the CO4Kids Parent Partner blog. Look for that link in the morning and share.

May 13 FBEach year during National Foster Care Month we recognize five foster families from throughout Colorado. We were honored to celebrate with these families and their supporters at a celebration today at the Governor’s Mansion. (

May 14 FB - Happy Mother's Day meme.

May 15 FB - share video and story of Elizondo family recognized during 2017 National Foster Care Month celebration.

May 16 FB - share video and story of Lucero family recognized during 2017 National Foster Care Month celebration.

May 17 FB - share video and story of Williams family recognized during 2017 National Foster Care Month celebration.

May 18 FB - share video and story of Holguin family recognized during 2017 National Foster Care Month celebration.

May 19 FB - share video and story of Forti family recognized during 2017 National Foster Care Month celebration.

May 20 FBShare Williams family meme.

May 22 FB – share Lucero family meme

May 23 FBOne dedicated adult can help a young person overcome their past traumatic experiences. If you have experience in teaching or in the medical field, then you might have the talent and time it takes to work one-on-one with a child who needs you. (

May 24 FB – share Holguin family meme

May 25 FBWhen you’re a foster parent, you’re not alone. Counties and child placement agencies provide training, support groups and additional resources to help you care for children in foster care. Contact a local agency and learn more. (

May 27 FB  "We often hear of the seemingly heroic experiences of foster parents and we wonder: 'Could I do that?' The truth is, the five families we recognize today are ordinary Coloradans who have answered the call and stepped up to care for children and youth who need a safe and loving place to live while their parents receive support and learn the skills they need to build a stable home.” - Colorado Department of Human Services Executive Director Reggie Bicha on the seemingly heroic effort of Colorado foster parents. Meet five families recognized during a #nfcm2017 event earlier this month. (

May 28 FB – share Forti family meme

May 29 FBOn an average day in Colorado, five children enter foster care because their parents need time to learn new skills to become the parents their children need them to be. Learn more about becoming a foster parent at (download the social media meme here:

May 30 FB – share Elizondo family meme

May 31 FBWe celebrate National Foster Care month every May, but Colorado counties and child placement agencies provide info meetings and trainings all year. Find a local resource and get started. (

Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline
1-844-CO-4-KIDS (1‑844‑264‑5437)
Available 24 hours a day, every day. Don't hesitate to call and get help. 
Anyone witnessing a child in a life-threatening situation should call 911 immediately.